Be Beautiful

You are beautiful!
You are beautiful!

In the love space, we are beautiful. And our loved ones are asking us to be beautiful in everyday life also, no matter what. One day, I heard my soulman say to me in my mind ‘prepare to be beautiful’. I kind of understand what he means, and I am doing my best to be beautiful each moment. I am also gentle with myself, and I accept when I am moody, angry, sad or anything else that is supposedly ‘not beautiful’.

When we can find our center, our eye of the storm, our love space, our hope space – we can just be, without any expectations from the outside world, from society, from ‘them’.

With so much input coming our way in a grieving situation, we might get confused and lose our inner standing. And that’s ok also. As long as we notice (the sooner the better), so we can start finding our way back into our love space.

By choosing love over fear each and every day, we can stay in our love space much easier over time. This might require some training, as we often get distracted by what’s expected from us in the world. By remembering to choose love, by saying it out loud or writing it down, stating it to our friends and family, we make a choice. Words have power!

Being beautiful to me includes being ourselves. So if we have red eyes from crying and uncombed hair, we are still beautiful. It’s not necessarily the look, the clothes, the make-up. It’s being true to who we are, to what we feel and it is very powerful when we can be authentic. And yet – it can make quite the difference when we decide to dress up a little, rather than walking around in sweat pants and cardigan… It’s a matter of choice. As long as we feel comfortable in our own skin, it doesn’t matter what we wear.


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