The sky isn't the limit!
The sky isn't the limit!

Conscious Awareness Trainer – A Virtual Seminar Series

This seminar series is designed for coaches, trainers, teachers and anybody who supports and accompanies humans of all ages in their personal development. Independent of offering your services professionally or on a private level, you will acquire a solid base for enhancing your skills in the training and coaching area.



Module 1: Diving Into The World Of Consciousness – What Is Perception?

Focused listening & speaking on an everyday level and with clients, introduction to the method of leading active dialogue, training and analysis of various conversation models. We look at language & its many meanings & interpretations.

4 sessions @ 2 hours

Session 1: What is a Conscious Awareness Trainer?

Session 2: Focused listening and speaking in everyday life & with clients

Session 3: Method: Leading active dialogue

Session 4: Conversations: training & analysis


Module 2: Self-Experience And Experience With Clients

We contemplate the self-experience we have gathered in our lives and look at your experience with clients (if applicable). Self-Experience is an important tool for working as a coach/ trainer and can help us to better understand our clients.

4 sessions @ 2 hours

Session 1: Self-Experience & why it is so important when working with clients

Session 2: Experience with clients, differences & analogies to everyday life

Session 3: Each client brings us a gift (mirror principle, universal laws)

Session 4: Reflection of the complete module, Supervision


Module 3: Methods In Coaching

Rollout of methods that can be used in Conscious Awareness Coaching. We discuss the structures, frames and conditions that are vital for our work. In addition, we can work out supplemental methods to use in your individual coaching toolkit.

9 sessions @ 2 hours

Session1: Methods of the attendees, relaxation techniques

Session 2: Mental Training/ Relaxation Techniques/ Other methods

Session 3: Meditation – what is it/ why use it? Variety!

Session 4: Experiential Learning: Constellation work/ Meta-Plan and more

Session 5: Structures & Frames: Duration/ Location/ Content of a session

Session 6: Structures & Frames: Preparation/ Debriefing of the Trainer

Session 7: Structures & Frames: 1/ 3/ 5/ 10 sessions?

Session 8: Additional methods (that merge well)

Session 9: Specialties of attendees -  Introduce your way of working!


Module 4: A Practical Focus For Practical Application

Topics here are Health & Sickness, Crisis Management, Boundaries, a How-To  on designing your coaching sessions, public lecture on Conscious Awareness Training

6 sessions @ 2 hours

Session 1: Responsibility for Self and Responsibility towards the client

Session 2: Crisis Management: What is a crisis? Definition/ Recognition

Session 3: Healthy Boundaries and Identifying Boundaries

Session 4: Health & Sickness

Session 5: Public lecture on Conscious Awareness Training by attendees

Session 6: Application of this course in your coaching practice


Module 5: Profession or Mission?

Is your profession congruent with your calling/ mission/ vocation? What exactly does calling/ mission/ vocation mean to you? Do you have a clear target market for your work? An insight into the work as a self-employed trainer… and then some more!

6 sessions @ 2 hours

Session 1: Meta-Plan work with all attendees

Session 2: Profession & Calling: What are the differences & similarities?

Session 3: Do you know your calling/ mission/ vocation? Vision-Statement!

Session 4: Who is your target market? Marketing ideas

Session 5: Barbara’s experience as a self-employed trainer

Session 6: Super-Vision


Module 6: Completion &  Summary

1 session @ 2 hours

Summary of all modules, e-mail-support/ facebook-group, celebration!


How does it all work: we meet in my virtual conference room unless otherwise announced. We share interactive chat, files for downloading, handouts and homework in the conference room. All sessions are recorded so if you can't make a session live, you are provided with a link to the archives.


My focus in this seminar series is on Intuition. We will do many practical sessions which will help you to connect to and train your intuition as well as enhancing your trainer skills. The brain will get enough ‘fodder’ to chew on, so your mind will also be satisfied during the series and afterwards.


The training includes approximately 60 clock hours and will take place over a time frame of about 4 months.


The workshops are alive because of YOU!


Please choose a payment option and register below. You can contact me for  any questions via e-mail or facebook chat.

I'm looking forward to walking with you!

PLEASE NOTE: A 3 Installments Payment option is available, at a total of  $1,107.00 ~ See payment options below!

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